¿Why we?

Because we offer a service that involves different areas of interaction where we attend your needs and requirements.
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¿What makes us different?

When an incident is detected, we notify the problem and its possible solutions.


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Certified Workers

In Mantenimientos El Paraíso all workers are vocational trained and certified with law demands.
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We´ll make a Quote adapted to your conditions, needs and requirements.


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Our Services

We guarantee the execution of work in a coordinated manner with good results, even reasonable and affordable price.

Community Maintenance

Our comprehensive maintenance service for private homes, communities, town halls, etc. offers services that covers different areas of intervention like:

  • Garden Maintenances.
  • Palm Pruning
  • Common Areas Conservation and maintenance
  • Irrigation .Conservation and Maintenance.
  • Swimming pools Maintenance
  • Street Furniture Repair and Maintenance
  • Minor repairs.
  • General cleaning.
  • Vials cleaning.

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Garden Maintenance

Our garden maintenance service follows a care planning and activities weekly and / or monthly according to the characteristics and needs of the gardens and facilities are mentioned below:

  • Court control and lawn care. (Scarifying, aeration and topdressing pricked).
  • Irrigation control. Installation, maintenance and repair of irrigation systems.
  • Fertilizing.
  • Pruning and trimming services. Also Palms.
  • Planting plants, trees and flowers.
  • Transplant trees and plants.
  • Supply and replacement of plants.
  • Clearings.
  • Control of pests and diseases. phytosanitary treatments to prevent and treat diseases or pests.
  • Landscaping projects. Design and production.
  • Licenses and insurance.

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Garden Design and Development

Mantenimientos el Paraiso, ensures a landscape process of comprehensive and coherent, sustainable landscaping, identifying terrain features, to design and choose to detail the plants to plant and implementation of each of the stages of realization, creation and installation of the garden be a success.

Our service includes

  • General advice.
  • Advice on choosing plants and outdoor furniture.
  • Planting and tuning your garden with irrigation systems and all that is necessary for its implementation and extol its beauty.

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Plant Supply

Maintenances El Paraiso, S.L. provides advice for the supply of plant to communities, local authorities and municipalities in the creation of their green areas.
We have a wide selection of species that would normally be used in the province of Malaga for ornamental purposes and gardens.
To request a quote please follow these guidelines:

  • Common name.
  • Scientific name.
  • Plant type: trees, conifers, succulents, succulent, water, cover plants, house plants, ferns, palms, etc.

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Cleaning Service

Our team of cleaners, are competent workers, responsible and honest they play the work of cleaning with quality and extensive knowledge of action on the different areas to be treated, always considering the different finishes of the areas concerned and the choice of the most suitable products for it .

Our areas of activity are all kinds of office buildings, large shopping and leisure areas, conference centers and museums, sports centers, airports, schools, hotels, tourist accommodation and communities of owners.

  • Periodic cleaning of stairs, Gates and Elevators.
  • Maintenance of decorative elements.
  • Window Cleaning.
  • Washdown of garages and other spaces.
  • General cleaning.

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¿Why Mantenimientos El Paraíso?

All our staff is qualified and has a minimum experience of 5 years.

Excellent Service

The professionalism of our Staff allows us to offer an excellent service.

Satisfied Clients

Our philosophy is to reach satisfied customers.

Insured Staff

All our workers fulfill all legal job safety requirements.

Quotes without Compromise

Our quotes are done considering customers’ needs.

Guaranteed Work

Our work is supervised to guarantee a correct maintenance.

Quality and Reliability

Our company supports and trains all workers to give every day a better service.

We work bravely to beautify your community

Everything is easier with our free quote system without compromise.

Satisfied Clients

Mantenimientos El Paraiso main goal is our client’s satisfaction.

Maintenances El Paraiso

In our blog we offer articles about: garden maintenance, pool maintenance, cleaning, plants, pruning and more.

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