Pool cleaning and maintenance Service

We provide Pool cleaning and maintenance service

Pools are an important element of enjoyment within communities, private homes, sports facilities and clubs. Ensure its good state and the quality of its waters, ensures a sense of wellbeing, health and invitation to rest.


Mantenimientos El Paraíso, offers its swimming pools maintenance service throughout the province of Malaga, according to the needs and requirements of customers.

Why our Pool cleaning and maintenance Service?

Because Mantenimientos El Paraíso is highly qualified and has a professional team of workers. We plan and develop all the necessary activities and services your pool will need.

All services are performed by specialized technicians who will watch for everyday and special tasks that pools require, with the objective and commitment to achieve its optimal performance. The clear waters and the good condition of the surrounding areas will  invite you to enjoy the stay.

Our Pool cleaning and maintenance service includes:

  • Cleaning the fund and pool surfaces: Use of skimmers and vacuum.
  • Water level settings.
  • Regular pool monitoring.
  • We ensure that the filtration system is well regulated and that the engines are working in good conditions as the rest of the equipment.
  • Weekly monitoring of water conditions, following chlorine and pH indicators and subsequent treatment with proven products, complying with current regulations.
  • Analysis of pool water through authorized laboratories.
  • Supply of physic-chemical, disinfection products for water maintenance (chemical or saline chlorine, PH), and to prevent bacteriological problems: algae, bacteria and / or pathological microorganisms.
  • Supply of any material related to pool cleaning and facilities (robots- funds cleaners, leaves collectors , skimmers …).
  • Repair of breakdowns
  • Maintenances of facilities
  • Licenses and insurance.

Do not neglect the maintenance of your pool, Mantenimientos El Paraíso will do it for you. The results will be immediately visible .

To request for a quote is very easy, just use our phone numbers, email or our web form. We will visit your installations and according to your requirements and needs the quote will be done. Always adapted and personalized to your conditions.

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