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Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance

Mantenimientos EL Paraíso understands that gardens are spaces in constant evolution and movement, go through different processes, suffer climate devastation and go under the climate variations of yearly seasons. Reason they need a permanent maintenance and conservation service.

Our garden maintenance service follows a weekly and / or monthly planning of care and activities to be done in garden and facilities according to its characteristics and needs, essential for optimal maturity and permanence in time. The ornamental value that gardens will showcase depend largely on the performed work of conservation and maintenance.

Why our pool garden maintenance service?

Mantenimientos El Paraíso, works with perseverance, commitment and passion. Detects the changes that occur in the gardens and anticipates them, taking the considerations and actions needed to address them without prejudice to any of its components, getting the best results.

All services are performed by qualified staff who are outstanding over every day and special tasks required in your gardens, with the objective and commitment to achieve optimums results.

We also offer high quality service, we adapt to your needs and taste, to your garden requirements following a coordinated plan of activities, respecting the environment and making the most of their resources.

Within our Garden Maintenance services we offer:

  • ZLawn care. Cutting and maintenance . (Scarifying, aeration, prick and reinforce lawn)
  • ZIrrigation control. Installation, maintenance and repair of watering systems.
  • ZFertilizing
  • ZPalm Pruning and trimming services.
  • ZPlant, tree and flower planting.
  • ZTree and plant transplant
  • ZPlant Supply and replacement
  • ZClearings of brushwood.
  • ZPest and disease Control. Phytosanitary treatments to prevent and treat diseases or pests.
  • ZLandscaping projects. Design and production
  • ZLicenses and insurance.

Do not neglect the maintenance of your garden, Mantenimientos El Paraíso will do it for you. The results will be immediately visible .

To request for a quote is very easy, just use our phone numbers, email or our web form. We will visit your installations and according to your requirements and needs the quote will be done. Always adapted and personalized to your conditions.

We work bravely to beautify your community

Everything is easier with our free quote system without compromise.


We`ll fix all your Problems!

Gardens Maintenance Company, integral maintenance to Communities, Macro communities, Companies, Hotels, Clubs, Public Administration, Schools …


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