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Palm Trees increasingly have a greater role within the coastal zone Landscapes. There are about 2000 different species, which vary according to the shape of its branches, trunk and habitat.

No need to prune pal trees so often, quite the opposite, with it done once a year is enough. Prune them too much can weaken its growth.

Usually every living thing responds to a cycle, as the palm trees do. They have a system of regulation which generate new leaves at the top of his cup as the old leaves are drying in the lower area.

To Not  affect their development, spring, summer and fall are the conducive  seasons for your pruning.

Things to consider while pruning Palm trees:

They should be pruned when the leaves begin to yellow, when they are dry.

Remove diseased leaves attacked by fungi or other parasite, preventing spores spread to healthy leaves.

Fruit clusters of palm trees consume energy, restringing it for the leaves. If we remove the them, water and nutrients will reach the rest of the palm with greater force and vigor leaving it fully grow.

Remove dry branches to increase visibility and prevent that possible dry branches could fall on people or buildings damaging them.

Green leaves should not be pruned, the balance of the palm tree could break, weakening and delaying its development and causing a loss in nutrient uptake.

Mantenimientos El Paraíso, includes among its garden maintenances services, Palm tree pruning. For this purpose , we have properly trained and qualified Palm tree trimmers who know fully all aspects to take care of, such as: the characteristics of the palm, how and which tools to use for pruning and use of different security  systems for a risk free work and ensure the health of the trees.

A healthy Palm should have a full canopy of leaves;  old leaves at the base will die, hang down and eventually drop off. WE never should over-prune a tree; potassium deficiency could be severe and can lead to death of the palm.

Safety systems used for Palm tree pruning:

The rise or climb on the trunk of the palm should be such that the trunk is not damaged , otherwise we could cause severe damage to the tree. There are different secure systems to climb the trunks, noninvasively and less risky for the user. These security systems are: stirrups, “Bikes” or lifting platform.

Used tools for Palm Pruning :

Serrated knifes to cut.

Shears or clippers.


Hand, electric and pole saw.


Mantenimientos el Paraíso has trimmers with extensive experience in the use of Bike pruning,  trunk  climbing system to reach high palm fronds. A method and technic of well proofed security and efficiency .Consists of two units (stirrup with aluminum footrest and adjustment straps) that allow, with a system of crossbows and tension spring, a comfortable and safe ascent. Once the equipment is attached to the trunk, the user can work as if resting on the ground.

Do not hesitate to request information and hire our Palm pruning services.