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Maintenance of Communities in Manilva

Mantenimientos el Paraíso has carried out a comprehensive maintenance in Manilva , covering different areas of intervention, addressing the needs of regular and systematic inspection and operations, checking, cleaning, adjustment, correction, replacement and maintenance of gardens, common areas, swimming pools, damaged parts in equipment and community facilities.

Manilva is an area that has its own characteristics, with protected plant species, large prairies with poppies just steps from the beach, native plants that make their way and try to survive against others that impede their growth.

All, in one way or another are linked and encourage the conservation of species in different regions, towns and homes that are located in this area as in many others. All the surrounding communities are respectful and organize their landscaping projects according to this topic. Manilva has large tracts of land, some communities are nearby mountains and other next to the sea, where the summer sun is unforgiving. Important aspect to be considered when making our maintenance in garden, pools, cleaning and landscaping.

Mantenimientos el Paraíso is present in Manilva. You can count on our comprehensive garden and pool maintenance services. Ask for any information or a QUOTE..

We offer our maintenance services throughout the Costa del Sol, in areas such as Estepona, Cancelada, Marbella, Benahavis, Manilva, Sotogrande …