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In communities, clubs and in/ or private homes, gardens and pools are an important focal point in the landscape and the approach of a project. The idea is to devise a merging between the two, a transition between the functional and the aesthetic, which makes the pool area an idyllic place for all to enjoy.

To have a garden and a pool in good condition, so that none fences in prejudice of the other, you have to choose well the plants, shrubs and trees to be planted near the pool area and for that Mantenimientos El Paraíso give you the following suggestions:

Knowing what are the characteristics of the climate of the area.

The pool needs.

The function that plants will comply near the pool area for example;  a natural fence to divide an area from another, to provide privacy or simply decorative.

Trees and shrubs can provide shade as they can keep the water slightly cooler.

Flowering plants provide colorful and sensitize your senses.

Potted plants are a good solution since we can move them around, to the most suitable place and can control the conditions of their drainage and substrate.

Let us not forget, while more foliage near the pool, also more maintenance will be needed. The dried leaves and flowers will loosen and probably fall into the pool, like the ripe fruit from the trees.

The fragrant flowers will attract bees and all kinds of insects that are not always well received by swimmers and those people who want to enjoy the gardens. So think about the plant you choose for this area.

When Mantenimientos El Paraíso designs a garden, always takes in consideration these suggestions for choosing the most suitable plants to be plant near the pool areas… We are confident that together we will get that particular Oasis that every pool evokes.